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Today is my holiday.. It's been a year after i'm working at this company. I'm already feel bored. I want some change. This time i'll change my environment. Hopefully I can find good and the right job.
It's time to clean my computer.
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Hi all...
Recently I watch Odoroki no Arashi 6, in the last 10 minutes, when Arashi hear the letter from their time capsule, i realize that Matsu Jun's jacket had ripped. Is it because he is too excited when dancing and singing? I realize he is so focus to made the audience happy and not realize that the cloth has been torned.
Recently, i also watch Step n Go. When Sho giving the souvenirs from India, everyone like the scent that he bought but contrary, when i saw Hey Hey Hey, everyone don't like the scent. Is it the same souvenir that he bought?

Just some curious question....


Feb. 6th, 2010 08:34 pm
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Enjoying my weekend... After not having my weekend last week, i feel very happy to have my nap in this saturday. I sleep for about 12 hours on the night and take a nap for 4 hours. I feel so fresh. I hope this weekend i can charge my energy to face my next week duty which is out of town. Fyuh,,, just imagining it make me so tired...
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Yay.... Currently watching Arashi @ Channel V Video Scope.. The 1st song is A.RA.SHI. How young they are... I must get back to TV... Have a nice day...
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I waiting for the battle of pop at channel V. I really would like Arashi, with their PV. But sadly, when I waiting from 13.00 until 15.30, the battle of pop not showing...
Last night, watching the super mario battle from himitsu no arashi special. It's very hilarious to see that all of arashi members very smart playing that game. Can't wait to see the final stage.
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Hi all,
This is my first entry. Currently i'm not working today so I can do a lot of stuff. Recently i watch channel V and I see arashi is one of the participant. I hope they can win battle of the pop and can't wait to see their video this Sunday....


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